We have several email to sms products.  We know our clients like to work in different ways.

Email to sms is a very popular way of sending messages as it is something that most people are familiar with and find easy to use. It is also a very easy method of integrating sms into software applications as many already incorporate email.

Simple Email to SMS: A very easy method of sending text messages from an email package. All that is required is to email our server with the numbers in the subject of the email and the message in the body of the email.

Outlook to SMS: This is another easy way of sending messages and is easy to use with an Outlook address book. In order to send a message all you have to do is email number@emailaddress.com and type the message in the body of the email.

Bulk/Group/Template Email to SMS: Should you need to send sms to a large group of people then this is the product for you. It has several features, including the ability to send a common message to a group of people that you can personalise by inserting parameters such as their name. This is the best method for sending high volumes of messages as it can cope with extremely high numbers.

Bespoke Email to SMS: We can configure our servers to accept messages from you in just about any format you can think of. So should you have a specialist requirement please contact us to discuss this.

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